Altdorf Street Scene probably c1960

A Swiss Street Scene showing cars and a coach believed to be about 1960

I believe this to be a picture of the Swiss town of Altdorf which was taken sometime in the late 1950s.

Initially, I found it difficult to be sure of the location; although it looked like Switzerland, it could be Italy or France, but the name above the shop shown in the picture, ‘E. Adler-Bachmann’ had a more Swiss-German sound to me than Italian or French. Also, the buildings show, with their multiple small windows and the roof line also look Swiss to my eye.

When I looked at the picture in more detail, the large number of cars and coaches parked suggested it was a tourist area and when I spotted a statue to the extreme left of the picture I began to wonder if this was the William Tell Statue in Altdorf? It didn’t seem to fit with the picture of Aldorf which I posted a few days ago, but once I looked at the modern day street view picture it became obvious, and what seemed to be coaches parked are, I believe, coaches driving around the statue and then turning right down the road.

The cars, coaches and the clothes worn by the lady standing at the end of the coach date the picture for me to the late 1950s, although it could also be up to perhaps 1962?

Photo categories : Bus or Coach|Car|MountainsDate Picture Taken: Unknown
A Swiss Street Scene showing cars and a coach believed to be about 1960

The Location of this picture is shown below

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