The Royal Mile in Edinburgh, 1967

A picture of the Royal Mile in Edinburgh taken sometime in 1967.

It’s interesting to see how deserted this looks compared to the activity of the same view on today’s google street view image (use the View Photo Data button to see that). I can see only 5 people and a few parked cars, whereas today there are quiet a few more people, especially further along the road by the church.

One thing that has remained is Deacon Bodie’s Tavern, which I can make out on a sign just to the left of the telephone box – that is still marked on the map and thriving in Edinburgh today. Interestingly, in today’s mobile phone reality, the telephone box is also still there, and in fact has managed to pick up a partner.

Also still present of course, is St Giles cathedral with the statue of Sir Walter Scott in front, which is shown in the middle of this picture.

Untypically the photographer has slightly masked one corner of his picture either with a thumb, of the head of a person in front of the camera – that’s a shame because it detracts from an otherwise really interesting picture.

I don’t know the precise date in 1967 this picture was taken unfortunately.

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The Royal Mile in Edinburgh, 1967

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