Portrait of a man – about 1960

This is a brilliantly colourful portrait of a man sitting at a cafe table which I estimate to be dated about 1960.

The quality of this picture is really good, and that stems from the fact that it’s a 120, medium format, fine grain slide which scans really well to produce a picture as good as most digital cameras would produce today.

I’m not sure of the location of this picture, but I believe it to be in one of the mountainous regions of Europe because there are other pictures in this series which involve this man and which were obviously taken in similar locations. In the gap in the trees behind him I think I can see a river flowing and there appears to be a bridge over the river as well. It’s obviously a brilliantly sunny day, as the man is wearing a set of quite dark glasses and his companion, who is taking the picture, also has dark glasses which are sitting on the table waiting for her to return. I think the fact that he is wearing a cravat is a signal to the date of this picture.

When it comes to the date, I’ve guessed that this is the early 1960s based on the clothes being worn in this picture, but also because of some of the other pictures in slides which were in the same collection as this picture.

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Portrait of a man - about 1960

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  1. How very smart, how elegant, the man looks! I find that with many of the pictures posted on this website the human subjects, male and female, even the children, clearly in an era decades ago, are very “well turned out”.

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