Group portrait on a mountain pass c1960

A group portrait on a mountain pass c1960

A portrait of a group standing against the rail of a mountain pass.

This is another high quality picture, this time of a group of people who have stopped during a walk on a mountain path to have their photo taken. The man to the left of the picture is the man who was in a picture published a few moments ago.

It was only after I’d looked at the picture a few times that I realised that as well as the obvious featured group, there is another figure hidden in the shadows of the cliff – presumably the partner of the person who is taking the picture. It was also after the second or third careful viewing that I wondered if the two girls in the picture are sisters – they do look very much alike.

The location is unknown, but behind the figures it’s possible to see a lake far below in the valley, so I assume this is one of the lakes in Switzerland, France or Italy.

The date is also unknown, but the clothes being worn suggest this is probably between 1958 and 1962?

Photo categories : Family or Group|MountainsDate Picture Taken: Unknown
A group portrait on a mountain pass c1960

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