A Boat Trip from Lugano c1961

A picture of a jetty in Lugano just after a boat has left for a trip in about 1961.

The actual title of this slide, as written on the mount, is ‘Pink House – Lugano’. I did a search to see if I could find a bed and breakfast house or hotel with this name, and although one came up on google I wasn’t convinced it was the same house so I didn’t choose it as a precise location.

The picture shows the churn of the boat’s engines as it leaves the jetty with, presumably, holiday makers on a tour of Lake Lugano. It also shows a man standing on the end of the jetty and hidden in the right hand, middle of the picture is a woman sitting on a bench watching the boat leave. I wonder if this woman lives in the pink house or if she is waiting for someone to return after the trip – that is a question which will be impossible to answer some 55 years after the event.

Above the jetty is an Italian flag which slightly confuses the location. Lake Lugano is on the border of Italy and Switzerland, but the title suggests this is the Town of Lugano, which is in Switzerland. I wonder if this is actually in Italy and the title is referring to the Lake?

The date is sometime in the early 1960s – probably 1961 since other pictures in the series are dated 1961.

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A Boat Trip from Lugano c1961

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