A cart on a mountain path in Switzerland c1961

This picture shows a man leading a cart up a path through the mountains in Switzerland.

When I first saw this picture it looked to me as if the man at the front was holding some reigns or a pole and leading the cart, but after a closer look, I think he is just walking in front of the cart. The cart is being pulled by a cow or oxen I believe.

Behind the cart, there is a workman smoking a pipe carrying a fork who is accompanied by a small boy also carrying a fork, and I don’t know it they have stopped work to watch look at the cart (or possibly the photographer), or if they are also simply walking up the path.

Walking down the path is a man carrying a bag and further along a woman, so this seems to be a regular route through the mountains.

Regarding the location, I believe this is Switzerland but the note on the slide mount is difficult to read. It seems to say ‘Transport near Frilace” or “Transport near Trilace” but neither of those names comes up with anything on google maps. If anyone can interpret better please let me know.

The date is almost certainly 1961 or thereabouts since all the other pictures in the series are between those dates.

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A cart on a mountain path in Switzerland c1961

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