Boats and Hotels at Lugano, Switzerland c1961

This really colourful, Kodachrome slide show hotels and boats on the shore of  Lake Lugano at the town of Lugano in the early 1960s.

The two buildings in the background are both large hotels and have signs with their names on, but unfortunately, although the picture looks sharp, when I zoom into the level necessary to read the signs they are too blurry to make out. I think, however, I’ve found the location, or pretty close to it, by careful use of street view. Use the ‘View Picture Data’ button to judge for yourself.

There is quite a lot of activity around the water’s edge, with people sitting on seats admiring the view and others walking the path near the water’s edge. One man is looking at a boat and another seems to be either tying his boat up or just untying it.

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1960 - 1969

Boats and Hotels at Lugano, Switzerland c1961

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