A railway line by Monte Generoso in Rovio, Switzerland c1961

This Kodachrome slide shows a car park next to the railway line in Rovio, Switzerland. In the background is Lake Lugano, and along with the cars in the car park is a Steam Engine mounted on some sort of plinth. As if Train and car were not enough forms of transport, a coach is parked with it’s door open on the opposite side of the train track so I assume it is bringing people to the railway station to catch a train and also picking people up to continue their journey.

The date of this slide is not explicitly stated on the mount as with some Kodachrome slides, but others in the series are marked as 1961 & 1963 so I’m pretty sure this slide is of the same vintage. The cars and coach designs certainly see to bear that out.

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1960 - 1969

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2 thoughts on “A railway line by Monte Generoso in Rovio, Switzerland c1961

  1. The coach with the doors open is the train!

    The steam engine on the plinth is a rack and pinion type for climbing mountains.

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