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Joch Pass, Switzerland c1961

A picture of a couple at the Joch Pass in Switzerland, with a ski lift and probably hotel behind them. This must have been taken during the summer time I guess because in the modern day picture of the Joch Pass (which was taken in Winter) the whole area is covered in Snow – hence the ski lift.

I like that the man in this couple has his camera with him, or at least the camera case. I wonder if he is the photographer of my other pictures in the Swiss series, and he had handed the camera to someone else to take the picture?

As with all the other pictures in this series, this was taken on Kodachrome film and has been well exposed and focused and has produced an excellent quality picture. Although there is no date on this slide, others in the series have a date between 1961 and 1963 and I suspect this to be in that range.

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1960 - 1969

Joch Pass, Switzerland c1961

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