Backstreet in Cesky Krumlov – 2001

Cesky Krumlov backstreet

A picture of a group walking through a backstreet in the town of Cesky Krumlov in the south of the Czech Republic in 2001.

Although the location shown in the ‘View Photo’ display shows the church which is featured in the background of this picture, the exact location is not exactly right. I couldn’t find the position which lead to exactly the same view. Sometimes, of course, the modern Street View image just doesn’t line up with the position the photographer originally took, but in this case I think it is more a failure on my part to find it.

I would expect that this picture was taken in the early evening judging by the low light levels.

Update: Location changed thanks to a comment from MrP

Photo categories : Church|Family or GroupDate Picture Taken: 05 Nov 2001
Cesky Krumlov backstreet

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2 Thoughts to “Backstreet in Cesky Krumlov – 2001”

  1. MrP

    not quite the right location – South side of Barber’s bridge over the river looking north to the pink castle tower – very famous bridge and view

    1. simon

      Thanks very much – I’ve adjusted the location.

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