A group of men in Cromarty Harbour in 1967

A picture of the harbour at Cromarty in Scotland taken by a tourist on a holiday in 1967.

At the side of the picture, under a telegraph pole at the corner of the road, there is a group of older men who have stopped to chat and pass the time of day – I wonder what they were talking about on that sunny day 50 years ago?

This is a glass mounted slide and it should really be dismantled and the glass cleaned to remove the large distortion shown above the sheds to the left of the picture – all theses slides of Scotland were scanned quickly to discover what was on them and I haven’t had time to properly analyse each of them. When I clean the scan up I will replace this picture and edit the description. There are more details of the other slides in the series and how I acquired them here.

Photo categories
Boat | Seascape
Date Picture Taken:
estimate 1960 - 1969

Views of Scotland - Cromarty Harbour

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