Boats at Ullapool harbour in Scotland in 1967

A picture of a fishing boat and a smaller boat waiting at the harbour at Ullapool, in Scotland taken in 1967. The fishing boat is marked with the identification number INS.215, but I couldn’t find any information about that boat with a google search. At the end of the boat is a large collection of buoys or floats which are presumably used to support nets, or are possibly lobster traps?

This link provides more details of how I acquired these pictures.

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1960 - 1969

Boats at Ullapool harbour in Scotland in 1967

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  1. Go this from fellow that knew her:

    Accumulator INS 215 later re-named Maureen. Skipper Donald Patience from Avoch. Partnered the Argosy & Adventurer for 21 year, Maureen,Ocean Trust,Vision.

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