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Car parked outside ruined home in Cromarty – 1967

A car parked outside a house in Cromarty in Scotland – taken in 1967.

When you look in more detail at the picture, the house is actually a ruined house – the roof is completely gone and the windows seem to be missing glass. I wonder if the owner of the old van (is it an Austin?) is just parked there or if they are the owner of the house and are in the process of repairing it?

The slide is a little dirty and would benefit from being removed from the glass and being cleaned – that would probably also remove the ‘newton rings’ which are present in the sky of this picture. The whole story of how I acquired the slides can be found in more detail here.

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Car parked outside ruined home in Cromarty - 1967

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  1. hans says:

    concerning the Estate car outside i would say it´s either a Hillman Husky or a Hillman Minx , but because of the bonnet badge my money is on Husky.

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