Band at Wollaston festival in June 1975

Brass Band at Wollaston Festival 1975

A picture of a brass band playing during Architectural Heritage year celebrations in 1975. The writing on the slide mount is a bit difficult to read, but I think the location is Wollaston Festival.

The slide shows the band walking down the road playing and the onlookers at the side of the road watching them. Behind the band I can just make out a sign which indicates a branch of the National Westminster Bank, which should help find the actual location, but I couldn’t pin it down. If anyone can guide me I’ll be happy to correct the current location, which is just set to Wollaston.

Photo categories : Entertainment|Public Event|Van or TruckDate Picture Taken: 21 Jun 1975
Brass Band at Wollaston Festival 1975

The Location of this picture is shown below

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