A picture of a woman sitting on a stone wall having her picture taken.

This looks very much like a holiday snap shot. Beside the woman on the wall is a very impressive looking cine camera with a lens turret which looks like a Bolex model. At the time this picture was taken in 1966, this would have been a very high spec, up market design which indicates either this woman was quite wealthy, or she was a keen movie maker or both.

I’m not sure of the location, but there appear to be mountains in the background behind the woman, and some sort of church in the slightly closer background. I can also see there is a gardener working with a hose in the garden behind her.

Photo category : PortraitDate Picture Taken: 01 Sep 1966
Lady with cine camera

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2 thoughts on “Lady with cine camera – Sept 1966

  1. Mike PENRITH says:

    Bolex ?

    1. Simon says:

      Hi Mike – yes I think it probably is; certainly fairly up market.

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