Two boys in a street

This Agfacolor slide unfortunately has a fungal attack in the emulsion which has badly marked the image. It also looks slightly under exposed (and quite a murky, dark day) which has not helped with finding the location. It seems to show two people walking down a residential street, with a car parked outside one of the houses. I’ve titled the picture two boys, because that was my first impression, but it is also possible that the shorter of the two is actually older. I can’t make out the car registration, which would give a clue as to the date, although a higher resolution scan would possibly help.

There are clues as to the location; the wall looks to be a dry stone wall, and the cottages on the right of the picture seem to be made of similar stone. The houses on the left are more modern construction finished with a pebble dash surface. I would think this is possibly the North of England somewhere, and the ‘look’ of the picture suggests 1970s.

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Two boys in a street

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