Group on Car bonnet – 1924

A group consisting of a man and two women, who seem to be sitting on the bonnet of a car whilst their photo is taken. It is difficult to see if it actually is a car bonnet they are sitting on, and it’s possible that it could be a motor cycle and side car because I can see there is a pair of handlebars at the back of whatever it is they are sitting on.

There is certainly a motor bike in front of the group and we mustn’t forget that there is another person taking the picture here so this could be two motorbike and sidebar combinations, and two couples. I would suspect that the man and the woman in the middle are a couple simply by the way her arm is over his shoulder.

This was scanned from a black & white print and dates from about 1924 according to a note on the back of the print.

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Group on Car bonnet - 1924

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