Two women and their red Austin 1100 car

Two woman standing in their driveway with their Morris car which I think is an A30 model, but I’m not a car expert. The registration letter of F was used in 1967 so this picture was taken sometime after that date. I notice on the driveway, behind the women, is a curled up mat, so I wonder if it was a car mat and this picture shows the car after it has been washed and cleaned?

Update: The car is in fact an Austin 1100 not an A30. Slightly embarrassing, because I think we used to own one when I was a boy!

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Two women and their red Austin 1100 car

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3 thoughts on “Two women and their red Austin 1100 car

  1. It’s actually a Morris as it has a straight grill, Austins had crinkled grills. It also has Morris badges (!)

    A bit irrelevant as it was simply more badge engineering by BMC.

    What may help is the AJ in the registration which denotes it was issued by the Middlesbrough office and the car looks very new. It could be sometime between August 1967 and July 1968 somewhere in the North East, North Yorkshire?

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