Two woman standing in their driveway with their Morris car which I think is an A30 model, but I’m not a car expert. The registration letter of F was used in 1967 so this picture was taken sometime after that date. I notice on the driveway, behind the women, is a curled up mat, so I wonder if it was a car mat and this picture shows the car after it has been washed and cleaned?

Update: The car is in fact an Austin 1100 not an A30. Slightly embarrassing, because I think we used to own one when I was a boy!

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Two women and their car

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2 thoughts on “Two women and their red Austin 1100 car

  1. Steve says:

    Its an Austin 1100 not an A30, but other than that I can offer little further help. 🙁

    1. Simon says:

      As alway, thanks Steve.

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