Old seaside snap of a woman on a beach

old seaside snap

A very old snapshot taken of a woman sitting on a beach somewhere.

The condition of this picture is not very good. There are significant marks on the slide and it was not focused terribly well when taken, which tends to make it look older and more ‘antique’ and therefore adds to the difficulty of dating it. The clothes the woman is wearing have a 1950s look to it so I suspect this is probably around that date.

On the slide is written, ‘R W Bay’ which could indicate the name of the person in the picture, or it could be the location although, since I couldn’t find any location with that name, I suspect it is the name of the woman in the picture. Regarding the location, I notice that the houses in the background of the picture are very close to the sea wall; I wonder if they are still there? Perhaps the presence of the houses is the reason there is a sea wall along that stretch while there isn’t in other parts of the coast?

There seem to be a large number of people in the distance at the bottom of the seawall but again, the poor focus makes it impossible to see what they are doing.

Photo categories : Beach|Portrait|Residential PropertyDate Picture Taken: Unknown
old seaside snap


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