City in the snow – 1962?

City in the snow

A picture of a terrace of houses in a city during a period of heavy snow. Although I don’t know the location, it’s very likely that the houses are still standing and therefore this location could probably be found if anyone who lives near recognises it. There is an interesting array of aerials on the house in the centre of the picture, which don’t look like standard tv or radio aerials, perhaps a radio enthusiast lived in that house?

The cars parked on the road outside the houses, although not very clear in this picture, look like they are 1960s models, which leads me to think this picture was taken in the winter of 1962/63 when there was a lot of snow fall.

Unfortunately, when I scanned the slide there were some patterns introduced where the glass of the mount was pressed against the surface of the slide. I will need to remove the slide from the glass, clean it and re-scan it at some point.

Photo categories : Car|Residential Property|SnowDate Picture Taken: Unknown
City in the snow

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