Fishing boat Lindy Lou FY.382 in 1978

A picture of a fishing boat called the Lindy Lou in harbour somewhere.

I wondered if this could be a Scottish fishing village, but Steve, in the comments below, points out that the number FY.382 indicates that the boat was based in Fowey in Cornwall, so possibly this picture is in Cornwall somewhere. Interestingly, there is a building in the background with the word Aquarium written on it, and there is an aquarium in Fowey, but none of the pictures of it on Google or Flickr look like the picture here.

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Fishing boat Lindy Lou FY.382 in 1978

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3 thoughts on “Fishing boat Lindy Lou FY.382 in 1978

  1. The ‘FY’ prefix to the code FY.382 signifies this boat was based in Fowey in Cornwall, though I can’t confirm where this photo was taken.

  2. I have also have a photo of FY 382 Lindy Lou, taken in Mevagissey in 1979, in which the vessel is laden with pilchards which the fisher men were selling straight off the boat. I believe your photo taken in 1978 was also taken in Mevagissey as what used to be the old Lifeboat House was turned into the Aquarium.

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