The Swimming Pool at RAF Seletar in the early 1960s

A view of the swimming pool at the RAF base in Singapore taken during the early 1960s.

In this picture, a boy is standing on the tiles at the edge of the swimming pool and his friend is on the diving board ready to jump in, whilst their three friends are already splashing in the pool at their feet. In the background, are tables and chairs set out under a canvas sunshade along the edge of a restaurant, which is well populated with people. It’s just possible to see that the clock at the top of the building is indicating 12:35 so this is a lunchtime, although the actual date is unknown.

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1960 - 1969

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One thought on “The Swimming Pool at RAF Seletar in the early 1960s

  1. This shot of the swimming pool would have been taken if early 1963 as work has been started on the new diving boards. The Pool was closed for a long time in 1963 for a complete refurbishment. This photo is orientated incorrectly and needs to be flipped.

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