Group posing outside building in Singapore in the early 1960s

A group of people posing for a picture outside a building in Singapore.

At the top of the picture, on a label above the entrance, is the word JARO which would probably help find where this picture was taken in the early 1960s. A search on google reveals it could be Jaro Instruments Pte Ltd Shipping & Marine Supplier Singapore but I don’t know if that company was in existence at that time.

Just to the left of the picture is the end of a van or mini-bus, so I don’t know if these people have travelled to this location, are about to travel to a different location, or are employees of this company and the photographer was visiting – that is something we probably will never know now.

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Family or Group
Date Picture Taken:
1960 - 1969

The Location of this picture is shown below
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