Boats moored on the river in Singapore in the early 1960s

A picture of boats moored on the river in or about Singapore, taken on 127 format colour slide film.

There are a variety of different boats moored here, the boat just out of shot on the extreme left of the picture seems to be an open cargo boat, but the two directly in the centre of the picture with the names, ‘SRI JATA’ and ‘SRI CHANGI’ seem to be tourist boats with benches on the sides of the cabin. Presumably, they would tour up and down the river showing the sights of Singapore. On the bank of the river is a lorry which has something written on the side, but I can’t make out what it says which is a pity because it may have led to finding a more exact location than just Singapore.

Update: The location of another picture has indicated that this is the Changi Creek reservoir.

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1960 - 1969

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