A street in Singapore from the early 1960s

A picture of a street of shops in Singapore taken in the early 1960s.

This seems to be a picture taken during a shopping trip with the photographer’s companions walking a little ahead as they frame and take the picture. It’s interesting to see the clothes hanging out to dry from the houses above the shops and the mingling of English and Chinese text on the street signs. The cars shown in this picture are very typically late 1950s models, but the only one I think I recognise is (possibly) a Hillman, which is the third in the line shown.

The exact location is unknown but the general location is shown on the map below as Singapore.

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Town or City
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1960 - 1969

A street in Singapore from the early 1960s

The Location of this picture is shown below
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  1. Yes looks like Chinatown. The map shown is incorrect. Smith street, Pagoda steet and Temple street are all round this coordinates 1°16’59.7″N 103°50’36.7″E

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