Victoria Memorial Hall, Singapore – mid 1960s

This is a picture of the Victoria Memorial Hall in Singapore taken in the mid-1960s by a serving RAF officer who was stationed at the RAF Seletar base. At the time there was obviously a car parking area in front of the building and it’s great to see all the 1950s and 60s cars parked by the building.

This building still exists in Singapore and has recently been refurbished and reopened as the Victoria Theatre although the area around it is now grassed and pedestrianised.

As with most of the pictures in this series, it is a good quality image because it was taken on 127 medium format colour slide film which has been correctly exposed and looked after for the intervening years.

My thanks to Geraldine Soh who pointed out the precise location in a comment.

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1960 - 1969

Victoria Memorial Hall, Singapore - mid 1960s

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