A street in Singapore in the early 1960s

I’ve titled this picture ‘A street in Singapore in the early 1960s’ because the other pictures in the series suggest that is the location, but it’s possible it isn’t Singapore at all. It was¬†taken on 127 format colour slide film and the exposure was long enough to capture the movement of the car and bike as they went on their way, although colour slide film was actually quite slow, so in order to make the whole scene focussed, the shutter speed was probably about 1/125 or even 1/50.

As for the scene itself, it depicts a temple of some sort, on the corner of a street junction with cyclists and cars forming the traffic. In the background on the right is a Ford Prefect car which could be parked or could be driving slowly.

I’ve marked the location as Singapore on the map since I don’t have any evidence that it isn’t, but the exact location is unknown.

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Town or City
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1960 - 1969

A street in Singapore in the early 1960s

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