Boy and mother on beach

This is another picture in the series showing a family holiday sometime in the early 1960s.

This picture shows the little boy again, this time with his mother. They are sitting on the beach surrounded by items which were popular at the time the photo was taken. I particularly like the battery valve radio on the beach behind them – I remember my dad having several battery valve radio sets and I remember the big 90 volt battery that powered them.

Next to the woman seems to be a camera bag which presumably would normally hold the camera which was used to take the picture. There also seems to be a box of chocolates laying in front of the camera bag.

The woman appears to be explaining something to the little boy and pointing to something on the sand in front of them – I wonder what conversation was taking place all those years ago and if the little boy learnt anything from it?

The image itself is slightly marked and also suffers from some patterning where the glass is pressed against the film, but overall the colours are pretty good.

The location is unknown and impossible to pin down now without assistance from someone who knew the people involved and that may also be impossible now.

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Family or Group
Date Picture Taken:
1960 - 1969

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