Distracted girl in a bikini on a beach towel

Another Beach scene

A picture of a girl, smoking a cigarette whilst sitting on a towel on a beach whilst surrounded by other people.

Although I have described this as a beach, it seems to be a man made, concrete area at the foot of some cliffs with some steps down from a higher level. The area seems crowded, with people to the side and in front of her, but there is no indication in her expression whether she knows the other people or not – in fact, her expression is one of distraction – she seems to be gazing into the distance unaware that her photo is being taken. I wonder what was going through her mind all those years ago?

Unfortunately, this glass mounted slide has suffered a crack along the bottom corner, quite a lot of fungal growth in the emulsion and some serious colour shifts.

Photo categories : Beach|PortraitDate Picture Taken: Unknown
Another Beach scene

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