Girl in bikini on beach

Girl in bikini on beach

A rather faded and marked colour slide of a girl in a bikini sunbathing on a beach surrounded by a group of friends or family members. There is an empty towel next to her, where possibly her friend has run off for a swim, and next to the empty towel is a bottle of drink and a glass. That is all fairly standard stuff, but I’m intrigued to know what the rectangular box next to the drink is? To modern eyes, it looks like a boxed DVD set but obviously isn’t. Possibly it is a vanity case? Anyone who has any guess as to its purpose please leave a comment because I’m stumped.

Regarding the date, I think this is probably from the late 1950s, just based on the bikini the girl is wearing.

As I said above this is a rather faded slide and has lost most of its original colour – in my experience, it is very difficult to recover the original colour information when these slides are post processed and I found that to be the case with this picture.

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Girl in bikini on beach

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