Hillman Imp Coupe – 1967 model

Hillman Imp Coupe

This is a view of a Hillman Imp Coupe car which was a very popular model in the 1960s – this car is an F reg model which means it was registered in 1967.

The Imp featured an engine fitted at the back of the car and the luggage space at the front, and certainly some models had an air cooled engine rather than the usual water cooling and radiator. I don’t know if all the models had this ‘feature’, but it makes sense if the engine is in the back since it wouldn’t be easy to get air flow through a radiator with the engine in that position.

This particular car is a two door, white coupe model, with wing mirrors fitted for extra visibility to the rear, and a red ‘go faster’ stripe down the side of the car.

I suspect this picture was taken because the family who had just acquired it were probably very proud of their new car!

Photo category : CarDate Picture Taken: 01 May 1968
Hillman Imp Coupe

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2 Replies to “Hillman Imp Coupe – 1967 model

  1. Interesting that you have photos of two different white Hillman Imps. They weren’t that common, on account of not being very good (I know – this was my first car). They overheated easily because the radiator was in the boot and had poor airflow to it, plus the engine heat build-up tended to warp the cylinder head and carburetor. They were difficult to de-mist in the winter, because the engine heat was all at the opposite end to the front windscreen. They also had very poor grip at the front (no weight), and in the wet they tended continue in a straight line when the steering wheel was turned. Haha … I totally loved mine! It taught me loads about basic mechanics, because I had to do roadside repairs constantly. I might have even pushed it further than I drove it.

    1. Do you know John I scanned the two new pictures of the Hillman, which came from the same box as the original two, and didn’t even look at the number plate. I just assumed they were the same car – well spotted for seeing that they aren’t. Perhaps the owner changed their car every year and these are the 1967 and 1968 pictures of their car?

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