This picture seems to show uniforms being dried in the sun after washing. It was in  a series of pictures showing US Navy personnel which may or may not be connected to the series showing the USS Providence. All the pictures in this set had a very strong colour cast which I tried to remove as the slides were scanned – this one was quite successful, others were not so successful. The mount on this 127 format slide has the phrase ‘boot camp’ pencilled on it.

Photo category : Public BuildingDate Picture Taken: Unknown
Hang out the washing

This photo features in a series. Click any picture below to see it.
  • USS Providence CLG-6
  • USS Providence bridge
  • Sailor and Wife on board USS Providence
  • Sailor and Wife by USS Providence
  • USS Providence and crew
  • Hang out the washing
  • Sailor in Boot Camp
  • A Family Snapshot
  • Two Sailors

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