Coffee and Liquors

Coffee and Liquors after a very nice meal.

A group of people enjoying Coffee and Liquors after their meal. Date unknown, but probably 1950s or 1960s. Photo categories : Commercial Property|Entertainment|Family or GroupDateRead More

Winter scene

Heavy snow on a winter’s day possibly from 1962

A scene of heavy snowfall on a winter’s day – probably in the harsh winter of 1962. Photo categories : Snow|WinterDate Picture Taken: Unknown [crp]

Boys playing in the snow

Boys playing in the snow in the winter of 1962?

A colour slide of three boys who have successfully rolled up a large ball of snow. The slide itself is in a Titania slide mountRead More

City in the snow

City in the snow – 1962?

A picture of a terrace of houses in a city during a period of heavy snow. Although I don’t know the location, it’s very likelyRead More

Portrait of a couple

Portrait of a couple on their wedding day

An old portrait of a couple standing by the open door of a car which I believe is probably a picture of a couple beingRead More

Gardening by the sea

Gardening by the sea

A man gardening on a hillside garden or allotment near the sea. The slide is very faded and marked unfortunately, and there is no indicationRead More

Schoolboys posing by a coach

Schoolboys posing by a coach

This is a group of what I assume are school boys waiting to board a coach which is going to take them on a tripRead More

Group of Children outside a Hotel in Austria

Group of Children outside a Hotel in Austria

This shows a group of school children standing out side a hotel. When I saw the picture I searched on Google maps for a HotelRead More

School trip on a Lake

This is a 35mm colour slide of a boat trip taken by a group of school children or possibly youth association sometime in what looksRead More