Helping with your hair

Helping with your hair

Another camping picture, this time of a young woman helping an older woman with her hair. I don’t know the location or date of theseRead More

Family Camping Scene

Family Camping Scene

This is a picture which was taken at the same time as the picture published yesterday and shows a family or group of friends campingRead More

Campers by a tent

Campers by a tent

An image of a couple of young men who are camping in a tent which looks quite near some residential properties. Photo category : FamilyRead More

Views of Scotland - Inverness

Inverness, the River Ness and the Castle in 1967

A picture of Inverness, including the castle, taken in 1967 on a holiday by an amateur photographer. Although it is not possible to get theRead More

Views of Scotland - Salmon Fisher

Salmon Fisher in a river in Scotland – probably Inverness.

A man wearing waders and casting a fishing rod whilst fishing for Salmon in a river in Scotland. Although I don’t know for certain whereRead More

Views of Scotland - Kyleton on Skye

Kyleton on the Isle of Skye in 1967

A picture of the village of Kyleton on the Isle of Skye taken by a holiday maker in 1967. This slide suffers from Newton Rings,Read More

Ullapool seashore

Ullapool seashore in colour, taken in 1967

This slide shows the view along Ullapool seashore taken by a holiday maker in 1967. More details here. Although it isn’t easy to see onRead More

Views of Scotland - Ullapool

Boats at Ullapool harbour in Scotland in 1967

A picture of a fishing boat and a smaller boat waiting at the harbour at Ullapool, in Scotland taken in 1967. The fishing boat isRead More

Views of Scotland - Cromarty Harbour

A group of men in Cromarty Harbour in 1967

A picture of the harbour at Cromarty in Scotland taken by a tourist on a holiday in 1967. At the side of the picture, underRead More

Views of Scotland - Fortrose Harbour

Fortrose Harbour

A picture of the harbour in Fortrose taken on Kodak film in 1967. This is one of a whole series of pictures of Scotland taken inRead More

Views of Scotland - Fort Augustus Lock

Small fishing boat in Fort Augustus Lock in 1967

This is a slightly under-exposed colour slide of a small fishing boat in-transit in the Fort Augustus Lock in Scotland – taken in 1967. TheRead More

Views of Scotland - Cromarty

Car parked outside ruined home in Cromarty – 1967

A car parked outside a house in Cromarty in Scotland – taken in 1967. When you look in more detail at the picture, the houseRead More

Views of Scotland - Isle of Skye

Ferry to the Isle of Skye taken in 1967

A picture of the ferry between the mainland of Scotland and the isle of Skye. This picture looks as if it could have been taken quiteRead More

Woman with dog

Woman with a dog standing next to a brick wall

A lady with what looks like her pet dog standing next to a brick wall in her garden. The dog seems to be eating orRead More

old seaside snap

Old seaside snap of a woman on a beach

A very old snapshot taken of a woman sitting on a beach somewhere. The condition of this picture is not very good. There are significantRead More

Woman 1 out side tent

Woman 1 outside tent

The title for this photo is a bit odd – ‘Women 1 out side tent’, but that is because there are two slides in thisRead More

Woman 2 outside tent

Woman 2 outside tent

Another woman sitting outside a tent in the same basic pose as the other picture in the series. Photo category : PortraitDate Picture Taken: UnknownRead More

Road and Mountain

Road and Mountain

A landscape of a road with a mountain range in the background. Location and date unknown. Photo categories : Landscape|MountainsDate Picture Taken: Unknown [crp]



A portrait of a girl in a bikini outside the entrance to a tent where she is evidently camping. There seem to be clothes beingRead More

Sisters in the garden

Sisters in the garden

This shows the sisters from the previous pictures sitting in their garden. In this picture they could be twins, but the other picture of themRead More

Whit Monday family group

Whit Monday family group

This shows a family group standing outside their house on Whit Monday 1961, which google tells me was 22nd May. Location unknown. Photo categories :Read More

What's that Granny

What’s that Granny ?

This seems to be a picture of a little girl being held by her Granny during a trip to the seaside in the early 1960s.Read More

Two sisters

Two sisters

It is an assumption to call this picture two sisters because there is no marking on the slide mount to indicate that is the relationshipRead More

Waiting for a boat?

Waiting for a boat?

A woman poses at the side of a lake in this somewhat fuzzy and very colour cast 35mm slide. I managed to remove a lotRead More

Susan at Dew Pond

Susan at Dew Pond

Written on the mount of this colour slide are the words ‘Susan – Dew Pond 3.3.63’. That leaves us in the situation of knowing theRead More

Mountains and Lakes

Mountains and Lakes

A mountain view somewhere. The house off to the extreme left looks alpine. Photo categories : Mountains|RiverDate Picture Taken: Unknown [crp]

The Winter of 62 - part 3

The Winter of 62 – part 3

The third of the pictures taken in the harsh winter of 1962. This one has a slight patch of moire patterning in the center whichRead More

The Winter of 62 – part 2

This is the second slide in the series taken in the Winter of 1962. This one has marked on the mount “Eastbourn from East DeanRead More

The winter of 1962

The Winter of 62 – part 1

This is one in a series of three pictures taken in the big freeze of 1962/63. There was snow for several weeks in a rowRead More

A group portrait in a garden

A portrait of a group of people standing in a garden on a path. Although there is no date on the slide, the general impressionRead More