River and forest

Photo of a River and forest

A river flowing through a forest (well, a collection of trees) somewhere probably in England. Taken on Boots colour slide film. Photo categories : Forest|RiverDateRead More


Ferry to the Isle of Skye

This Boots colour slide shows a ferry either just leaving or just arriving on its trip between the mainland of Scotland and the Isle ofRead More

Town parade 1982

Town parade 1982

A picture of a public event somewhere in 1982. There is another picture in this series which suggests this may be in Fulham? Photo categoryRead More

Motor bike by a lake

Motor bike by a sea at Fort William

A picture of a motorbike parked by the side of the road with the sea and mountains in the background. Although I didn’t at firstRead More

Man by boats

Portrait of a Man standing in front of boats

A portrait of a middle-aged man standing by some boats moored at the edge of a lake. Behind him is the expanse of the lakeRead More

Morris men parade

Morris men parade in public event

This seems to be a parade of some sort involving Morris Men. It’s unfortunate that the slide has had a hard life and is veryRead More

Fishing in a river

A man fishing in a river

A picture of someone fishing or possibly just wading across a river. The location is unknown, and since this was taken on Boots colour slideRead More

Fulham bus

Fulham bus in parade during public event

A bus being driven by the Michelin man, with a brass band playing on the open top deck. I assume this was a public eventRead More


Arched stone footbridge over a stream.

A bridge over a stream somewhere in the UK – not sure of the location. Photo categories : Bridge|RiverDate Picture Taken: Unknown [crp]

Family walk

Family walk in the countryside in 1984

A picture of a family taking a walk in the countryside. Some of the family are carrying on with the walk and two women haveRead More

Family scene

Family sitting on a sofa in a living room

A family snap shot of a family sitting together on a sofa enjoying a drink. There are cakes on a cake stand in front ofRead More

Two children by stone wall

Two children looking over a stone bridge

Two children looking over the stone wall of a bridge at the river under flowing under it. The photographer’s shadow can be seen in theRead More

Wedding photo

Wedding photo – November 1983

This is a wedding snapshot taken by one of the guests at a wedding. The focus quality of the picture is so bad that IRead More

Ruins on hilltop

Caisteal Maol Ruins on hilltop, Isle of Skye

A set of ruins on the top of a hillside. I don’t know where this is so if anyone else does I’d be pleased to hear.Read More

Waterside portrait

Waterside portrait of a man by a lake

A portrait of a man standing by the sea or a lake. Don’t know the date of this picture which was taken on Boots colourRead More

Winter Garden

Winter Garden in the snow

A picture of a garden covered in snow. I don’t know when this picture was taken or with what camera, but I’ve noticed that severalRead More

Kyleakin in Scotland

Kyleakin on the Isle of Skye, Scotland

A picture of the town of Kyleakin on the Isle of Skye in Scotland, taken from the car ferry either just as it has leftRead More

Town in Lancashire

Bowness in the Lake District, probably 1970s

A picture of the town of Bowness in the Lake District – not sure of the date but probably the mid-1970s. I didn’t initially recogniseRead More

Piper in the Highlands of Scotland

Piper in the Highlands of Scotland

A picture of a piper playing the bagpipes in the Highlands of Scotland, probably in the 1970s. Photo categories : Car|Entertainment|MountainsDate Picture Taken: Unknown [crp]

Lochalsh Hotel

Lochalsh Hotel in Scotland taken in the mid-1970s

A picture of a woman sitting on a wall by the car park outside the Lochalsh Hotel in the highlands of Scotland. In the carRead More

Cussins & Light Ltd, York

Cussins & Light Ltd, York in the 1970s

This slide shows a picture of the centre of York sometime in the 1970s. In the background of the picture you can see the twoRead More

Brecon Cathedral

Brecon Cathedral

A photo of Brecon Cathedral in Wales Photo category : ChurchDate Picture Taken: Unknown The Location of this picture is shown below[crp]

Summer Palace Rome

Summer Palace Rome

The slide mount on this picture has written on it ‘Summer Palace – Rome IV’ so that is what I’ve called this picture but IRead More

Group in a caravan park

Group in a caravan park

This is interesting simply because it is the first APS film I’ve posted onto Found Film but there is something slightly more interesting as well.Read More

Party night

Party night

Two women out for the evening – evidently having a good time. Photo category : Family or GroupDate Picture Taken: Unknown [crp]

Wedding Picture

Wedding Picture

A snapshot taken after a wedding. No idea of the date or location unfortunately. Photo categories : Church|Family or GroupDate Picture Taken: Unknown [crp]

Best man

Helen’s Wedding

A wedding somewhere – all I know is that the woman getting married is called Helen – it says as much on the slide mount.Read More

Swiss town

Swiss town

A photo of a town. I’ve made the assumption that this town is in Switzerland because of the Swiss flags decorating the street but thatRead More



I believe this is Blackpool during the Summer season when a show is on. The bunting and signs on the street lights are showing theRead More

East cliff - Folkstone

East cliff – Folkstone

This is the East Cliff at Folkstone although I don’t know the date it was taken. The car closest to the photographer is an AustinRead More

Picnic by the side of the road

Picnic by the side of the road

A couple of people (I’m going to assume a Mother and Daughter?) have stopped at the side of the road to have a picnic. WhatRead More



A building with four windows and a set of stone steps which seem to lead nowhere. There is a suspended cover over the steps soRead More

The Lake at Beaulieu

The Lake at Beaulieu

This shows the lake at Beaulieu in Hampshire on a Summer evening in June 1983 Photo categories : Lake|SummerDate Picture Taken: 01 Jun 1983 TheRead More

Beaulieu palace

Beaulieu palace

This picture shows Beaulieu palace in Hampshire in the summer of 1983. Photo categories : Lake|Public Building|SummerDate Picture Taken: 01 Jun 1983 The Location ofRead More

Two ladies with Donkeys

Two ladies with Donkeys

This shows a somewhat blurry holiday snap of two women leading donkeys across the sand. Were they tourists waiting to give their children a rideRead More

Watching the boats

A view of a beach and boat in a bay with a couple of people standing close to the water’s edge. If I zoom intoRead More