Gardening in our new homeMedium format negatives -

Gardening in our new home

I’ve called this picture ‘Gardening in our new home’ because that is the impression I got from looking at the picture. It seems to meRead More

A Lady with Cats

A Lady with Cats

A portrait / candid picture of a woman playing with two cats on a sun bed. Impossible to know the location of this picture, butRead More

Medium format negatives - Learning to fish

Learning to fish

This picture seems to show a group of two people being shown how to hold a fishing row by another person as a man withRead More

Church or Cathedral

Milan Cathedral in the early 1960s

A picture of a couple walking towards Milan Cathedral taken on medium format, colour negative film in the early 1960s. see: This photo wasRead More



A picture of an elephant, presumably taken on a safari holiday or possibly in a zoo. The exact location is unknown but the plastic mountRead More

Road in snowy countryside

Road in snowy countryside

A rather boring picture of a road cutting through snowy scenery – location unknown. Photo category : SnowDate Picture Taken: Unknown Related Photos:NAFFI Lorry parkedRead More

Family Christmas group

Family Christmas group

A family Christmas snap shot. Date unknown but the man on the extreme left has been given cigarettes and that was a more popular presentRead More

Boys in street

Two boys in a street

This Agfacolor slide unfortunately has a fungal attack in the emulsion which has badly marked the image. It also looks slightly under exposed (and quiteRead More

Mykonos windmills

Mykonos windmills in Greece

This is a picture of the famous windmills on the Greek Island of Mykonos which was taken from along the coast and therefore encompasses several ofRead More