There are lots of pictures on this site and I don’t own the copyright on them but I have watermarked them with This is simply to try to prevent the images being used on other sites without attribution.

I must admit I find the whole issue of copyright for these type images a bit vague. Although the copyright is obviously owned by the person who took the photo it isn’t known who that is in this case, and since in every instance I have bought the pictures either as a purchase of colour slides or in a second hand camera, I’ve taken the view that there is nothing wrong in them being displayed to the public. However, I’ve made the decision that I won’t put anything on the site which could cause anyone who may still be alive any embarrassment – i.e. anyone undressed, any scene which looks particularly personal etc.

That said, if there are any pictures on this site that  anyone believes they have claim over and they have reasonable proof I will gladly take that picture off the site.