Can you identify this castle ?

Can you identify this castle – that’s the challenge set here?

The picture was taken in 1967 and shows a castle in a good state of repair on top of a mound. If you know which castle it is, please let me know in the comments below.

Photo Challenge Types:
Identification Location
Can you identify this castle ?

General Rules of Challenges

Your aim is to try to find information about the picture using only the visual clues in the picture. In order to help, the scan is a higher resolution than that normally used on Found-Film, and there is a magnifier set up to give you a more detailed look- just hold the mouse cursor over any part of the picture to try. The type of challenge is shown above the picture and you can answer with a google maps link in a comment.

There is no prize for this other than the joy of knowing you got it right and the fun of doing it, but if it proves popular I might publish an honour board every month

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