Large house with a split entrance staircase

Large house with a split entrance staircase

This is a large house with a big split staircase at the front. It was taken on 120 medium format film and could be in Italy because it was in a set of slides which included views of Italy and the italian lakes. Can you recognise the building?

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Large house with a split entrance staircase

General Rules of Challenges

Your aim is to try to find information about the picture using only the visual clues in the picture. In order to help, the scan is a higher resolution than that normally used on Found-Film, and there is a magnifier set up to give you a more detailed look- just hold the mouse cursor over any part of the picture to try. The type of challenge is shown above the picture and you can answer with a google maps link in a comment.

There is no prize for this other than the joy of knowing you got it right and the fun of doing it, but if it proves popular I might publish an honour board every month


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  1. Not sure about Italy, there are French flags on the tower on the right. Also, the architecture looks typical of many French chateaux.

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