Home movie of Bruges 1957

Home movie of Bruges taken in 1957

This post marks a significant event in the history of the found-film site – instead of featuring a colour slide or negative I’ve found, itRead More

Views around Australia - Skyline of Sydney at night

Some views around Australia from the 1950s

I’ve found it a bit difficult keeping the blogs I run up to date over the last few months because life has rather got inRead More

kodachrome red border colour slides - Women and children on a beach

Some Kodachrome red border colour slides from the 1950s

This week I bought a small collection of Kodachrome red border colour slides, which were all taken in the early 1950s, and I wanted toRead More

Images from Soviet era Leningrad - The fountains of Peterhof

Images from Soviet era Leningrad in 1957

Last week I posted some Images from Soviet era Moscow which I’d found as part of a collection of medium format slides I’d purchased. ThisRead More

Images from Soviet Era Moscow - The Kremlin - 1957

Images from Soviet era Moscow

I recently acquired a collection of medium format colour slides which had been taken by someone who travelled or visited on holiday several different EuropeanRead More

Pictures of Spain from 1955 - Terrace on the Hotel S. Christinia Spain 1955

Pictures of Spain from 1955

The big find at found-film this week is a collection of 35mm colour slides in three small cardboard boxes which contain pictures of Spain fromRead More

Views of New York - The Statue of Liberty

Views of New York from the 1950s on slide film

A few days ago I was lucky enough to win an auction on Ebay for a couple of large boxes full of medium format, KodakRead More

Medium format negatives - Woman with Ford Cortina in the 1970s

Medium format negatives from a professional photographer?

A few weeks ago I bought a set of about 200 medium format negatives on Agfacolor film from a seller on eBay for a fewRead More