This is the Found Film site – a project I started to host pictures I’ve found on film recovered from vintage cameras and as a home for my latest collecting passion – old colour slides.

Sunset over southwold

As a vintage camera collector I quite often find film still in some of the cameras I buy. In the early days I lost a couple of them because I opened the camera before I realised there was still film in it, but now I always check before I open any camera. Any exposed film I find I develop, and I have normally published the results to my Photoblog. Recently however as I said above, I’ve been bitten by another bug, and also started to collect 35mm colour slides (like the one on the right) and it seemed a better option to create a new site under a specialised url.

Initially, this site just displays the photos that I have found, but if it becomes popular I will probably add the option for other camera collectors to add any photos they find. It would also be great if the site became a community and could offer information on any of the pictures displayed such as locations etc.

At the moment the site is being developed and has only a few pictures on it, but will hopefully have much more content in a few weeks – Dec 2016