Lost amateur photos from the 1950s

This post features photos from the Found Film archive which were all taken by unknown amateur photographers in the 1950s.

I’ve recently been making quite a few changes on Found Film, and one of the items I’ve introduced is a field to record the decade the photo was taken in.

There has always been a date field, for when I know the exposure date – for example if the photo has a developed date I will put this in – but this new field is for photos when I don’t know for certain what the actual date is but I can take a pretty good guess at the decade1.

The accuracy of the dates is I believe, reasonably good; Even if there isn’t an actual developed date on a picture there are normally clues which will give a good indication. For example the fashions people are wearing, car models, the type of film the photo was taken on, even in the case of slides the design of the slide mount.

Photos from the 1950s

So this is a selection of photos which were taken in the 1950s. There are photos from all over the world and showing scenes and people from all walks of life. The selection shown here is randomly selected from the archive, so if you want to see some more, just refresh the page.

As I work through the archive update this new field, the number of photos available for selection on the page will increase, so if you find this interesting do come back again.

More to come

In the next few weeks I’ll add similar pages which feature photos from the archive for other decades.

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