My new Vintage 8mm films archive site

This is a short post to advertise the fact that I have created a sister site to found film which publishes vintage 8mm films and which I hope will be of interest to followers of found-film.

I initially started publishing 8mm films to found-film, but a few weeks ago decided that these would be better on a separate domain which more accurately covers the subject matter. For this reason, I created the Vintage Home Movies site which is aiming to do for 8mm home movies what found film does for vintage photos – publishing interesting lost home movies to a larger audience.

With the addition of the new site I will move the few 8mm film posts on found-film to Vintage Home Movies over the next few days. In the meantime, here are some of the interesting vintage 8mm films I’ve discovered and posted on the new site in the last few weeks
A Home movie taken on the set of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang
A driving school from the 1960s which seemed to exclusively use Hillman Imp cars
A tree planting ceremony in London
Party games from 1959

If any of these seem interesting, or you want to discover any of the other vintage 8mm films I’ve posted please have a look at the new site by following the links in this article, or using the link in the sidebar.

About Found Film

The found film site is dedicated to publishing photos from amateur photographers which would otherwise have been lost to the world. In most cases the photographers are unknown, and they never expected their work to be seen by anyone but their friends and family, but I think their photographs are interesting enough to be viewed by a wider audience.

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