Snapshots in time: London 1972

This post in the Snapshots in time series features a set of Kodachrome colour slides which were taken in London during October 1972.

This set of slides were purchased by me as a boxed set from eBay, and I specifically bought them because I saw in the sellers pictures a reference to London in the index page. I find images of cities from the past a fascinating subject because they normally show people, fashions and behavioural traits which are now long gone. In that sense, these images are actually a bit disappointing because the photographer had focussed on landmarks rather than people, although there are some interesting pictures from 10 Downing street showing what I assume are politicians of the day emerging from the famous black door.

Pictures of London from August 1972

As I said above, the majority of the images the photographer took are of famous landmarks and as such they haven’t much changed in the nearly 50 years since the pictures were taken. Because they were taken on Kodachrome however, at least the images are of good quality and still retain their colour and definition.

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Snapshots in time
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  1. interesting to note that the photographer was able to take pictures outside the famous No 10 black door, as I did when I took some in 1966.

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