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Steam Engine pictures on Found Film

This curated post on found-film shows pictures which have been taken by amateur photographers over the last 50 years ago and feature a steam engine of some kind as their subject matter.

Although some of these pictures could have been taken at the time when steam was the normal, although dying, mechanism for propelling trains, most of them seem to have actually been taken in museums or at tourist railway stations. I suppose this emphasises the place steam has in most of our memories – a romantic, if impractical mode of transport, but one we all seem to be attracted to.

As well as the normal railway steam engines, there is also a steam traction engine in this collection and a couple of steam powered boats. As more pictures are added to the archive I’ll include any appropriate pictures in this post.

About Found Film

The found film site is dedicated to publishing photos from amateur photographers which would otherwise have been lost to the world. In most cases the photographers are unknown, and they never expected their work to be seen by anyone but their friends and family, but I think their photographs are interesting enough to be viewed by a wider audience.

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