Snapshots in time: USS Providence CLG-6

This ‘Snapshots in time’ post features photos of a US warship, the USS Providence CLG-6 which were taken sometime in the early 1960s.

The I acquired the photos as part of a large mixed bundle of medium format and 35mm slides from a sale on eBay and only found this set as I sorted through them to find if there were any interesting slides amongst the collection. I’m pretty confident they were all taken at approximately the same time, because they were all in the same slide mounts and next to each other in the collection, although there are differences in the colour balance of the shots. This could have been because they were taken on a different days or may just be that time has changed some slides more than others.

When I looked at the wikipedia page for this ship it gives its history and says that ship was given the CLG-6 classification in 1957 which suggests these pictures were probably taken in the early 1960s – the woman’s dress has a typically 1960s ‘Mary Quant’ look which also adds evidence to that time frame. The location is much more difficult to tell, and although that breaks with the ‘snapshots in time’ ideal of being a known place and time, I thought these photos were interesting enough to be featured in the series anyway.

USS Providence Photos

So here are the seven photos which make up the series and which show what seems to be an ‘Open day’ aboard the ship. There are certainly pictures of family members being shown round so I wonder if these pictures show a day when the ship was in its home port of Long Beach, California and open to visits?

If there is anyone who has a knowledge of this ship and knows when and where these photos were taken, or would just like to comment on them, I’d be pleased to hear from you using the comments form below.

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Snapshots in time
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