Vintage views of London over the last 50 years

This is a curated post on found-film featuring vintage pictures taken by amateur photographers in the city of London. At the moment there are only a few pictures in this post, but as new photos are added to the found-film archive which match the subject, I’ll be adding them to the post.

As you would probably expect, the majority of photos in the archive which were taken in London feature some of the major landmarks of that city; Big Ben appears several times, as does Trafalgar Square. What came as a surprise to me is that in many of the pictures at street level there are so few people shown. The image of St. Paul’s Cathedral seems almost deserted as does the picture showing the Big Ben tower and the Cenotaph.

Dating the pictures is quite difficult unless there are people in the image; the picture of boys walking away from Westminster Abbey is probably from the late 1950s because the camera’s several of them are carrying are from that era and the clothes worn by the people in both pictures of Trafalgar Square also suggest the same time period. A couple of the pictures I can give accurate dates, at least down to the year, because it was written on the slide frame.

Vintage views of London

So these are the photos that have been taken in London and appear in the found-film archive.

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