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Vintage cars over the years on found-film

There are now a lot of pictures on found-film and I decided that I would start to create some curated posts which bring together pictures under a subject heading so people can more easily see some contrasts and connections between them. In this post the subject is vintage cars.

All of the pictures in the gallery below feature vintage cars either as the main subject or as an important part of the picture with, in many cases people are standing next to their cars highlighting the ownership of it. I should point out of course that the cars are vintage only by virtue of the age of the photo; in most cases the cars were new and being included in the photo because their owners were proud of their new car.

It’s interesting to see some of the makes on display in these pictures – Morris, Austin and Hillman are all names which were very familiar to me when I was growing up and they are all now gone. The Ford and Bentley names are still around, although we see very few Bentleys in Stevenage!

The pictures are mainly taken in the UK, but there are also images from other parts of Europe and the US.

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A software developer by profession, I've always been interested in photography and vintage photography in particular. This site is one of several I run which is dedicated to film, photography and photo equipment.

  1. David Gregg says:

    Simon, your recent post of fishing boats at a dockside in 1950’s reminds me of Volendam in Holland. The boat numbers, beginning VD …, are a give-away, surely. D.G.

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