Snapshots in time: The town of Ullapool in 1967

A Kodachrome slide of the houses along the seafront taken in Ullapool in August 1967

This is another post in the Snapshots in time series, this time the subject is ‘The town of Ullapool’ and it  features some Kodachrome slides which were taken in that town in August 1967.

The very odd thing about this subject matter is that I have actually featured the town of Ullapool once before in a series of pictures, and by coincidence those pictures were also taken by an amateur photographer in 1967. It is interesting to look at pictures of the same town at approximately the same time, but taken by a different photographer. One wonders if they were actually in the town at the same time and if either appears in the other’s pictures?

All of the pictures in the series are views of the main street next to the sea front,  the quayside and bay. I’ve never visited Ullapool, but a quick look at google maps street view confirms that for the day tripper this is probably the most scenic and photogenic area.

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  1. […] The start of the film shows the Island of Skye and scenes of a family wandering the costal region. There are also some quite interesting shots of birds in the rocks and some children playing with the birds. Starting at about 1 minute in there is a distant shot of the town of Ullapool, which I found interesting because I’d featured some images from that town on found-film a few months ago. […]

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