Snapshots in time: The Forth Bridge – Aug 1967

This is another post in the Snapshots in time series and the subject of this post is The Forth Bridge.

As with other posts in this series, it highlights a set of images I’ve found as I’ve been sorting through a collection of photos I’ve acquired for found-film which all have a location or theme in common. These Kodachrome slides of the bridge were all taken in August 1967 by the same photographer who took the pictures in the series I posted a couple of days ago with the title ‘Snapshots in time: Pictures of Oban 1967‘.

The Forth Bridge – Aug 1967

These pictures all seem to have been taken in late afternoon or early evening which is not the ideal time for daylight balanced Kodachrome, resulting in most of the slides having a rather washed out, faded look. This is unusual for Kodachrome which, in my experience, is the best emulsion ever produced for maintaining its ‘look’. However, the photographer has used the colour imbalance (which was present when the slides were first shot remember) to his advantage in some of the shots, resulting in some very effective silhouette images.

There is also an image shot into the sun resulting in a fantastic sunset picture. This was actually the first one I saw in this series as I examined the photos on a light table, and the one I’ve set as the featured image for this post.

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Snapshots in time
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